Sunday, January 4, 2009

Annoying, But Thank Goodness It's Not Zack and Cody

Our son does not watch a great deal of TV but when he does it seems like it's either Sponge Bob or these two dreadful characters:

Our family is probably tattering the fabric of society even more than it already is because we don't restrict the shows TB watches. Granted, he never strays from Nickelodeon, so it's not like he's stumbling into a bunch of violence or other "adult situations". He is enamored with some irritating shows, though.

Actually, Drake and Josh is far better than that Zack and Cody on the Disney Channel. Even from just overhearing it from the other room I can tell you that program is unwatchable. Thankfully he never latched on to that one.

The other show that gives me the willies is the Fairly Oddparents. I can't get past the grating voices of Timmy Turner and the fairy godparents. It might be a funny show but I refuse to listen long enough to find out.

The good thing is, if I just pick up the remote and change the channel he doesn't fuss at me. So it's easy to divert him to a basketball game or Jeopardy or one of those shows where people fish for crabs or drill for oil.

But when it comes to Nickelodeon, I'm always happy when iCarly comes on. I'm sure it's disturbingly inappropriate for a 7-year-old, but at least I can tolerate it from here next door in the office.


Chris Berry said...

I'm not sure if it's more disturbingly inappropriate for a 7 year old or his dad. Right now Blue's Clues is the big thing at my house. I'm looking forward to Nick.

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Sometimes I get lucky and I can get my daughter to watch Animal Planet with me.

Museice said...

Here at Casa Muse we watch Disney but I'm happy that 'V' doesn't watch every commercial and say, "I want that!", but what really bothers me are the other commercials that will pop up showing clips from other programs, like CSI or some other murder show. We can be peacefully watching something on a network and then ***Bloody Bodies On On The Screen*** I can't turn the channel fast enough.
That is what frustrates me the most. A nice quiet afternoon and suddenly Death is flashed before my son's eyes.