Sunday, March 30, 2008

Uchgh, Sleet!

Two days from April and it's sleeting. Not even supposed to get out of the 30's today. What kind of cruel torture is this? Yesterday was a little nicer than expected, so I'll take that as a bonus, but enough already with these cool temperatures.

I always plant too early, but I want to get my peppers in the ground!

Friday, March 28, 2008

3 Point Shot

Do you like the three point shot, or do you hate it?

My six year old can make a shot (every now and then) from the top of the key, so I think the three point shot is bullshit. Yeah, I'm old school, but I liked watching Walt Frazier and Earl Monroe score points two at a time.

Piece Of Junk

Look at this piece of junk that showed up here last week. OK, it may be art, and it may be art that only cost $6 at Marshall's, but I think it's hideous. LBB thinks it's a treasure.

Good golly, take a look at the little leg stalks. The chicks have been sawed in half. It's easter in HELL!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Double Weenie Tuesday

So last night, my son is in the bath and all the sudden he grabs a plastic toy, like a rubber duckie or a boat or something, dangles it off his privates like a codpiece and declares that it's "Double Weenie Tuesday".

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mindless Distractions From Harsh Reality

My brain has been consumed with issues lately, so I've spent all my free time just trying to find little diversions. I've played a ton of Bejeweled (a Shockwave game) this past month. That and Wii bowling. Is there a better time waster than that? Well, yeah, I guess real bowling, but that costs money and you have to wear the community shoes.

My top Wii bowling score is 226. Not bad, but I can't seem to come close again. My theory is that as the battery power depletes, the responsiveness of the Wii controller changes and alters your shot. Yeah, that's it.

The other thing I've been doing is listening to tons of old favorite songs on Rhapsody. Right now I'm hearing Promised You A Miracle by Simple Minds. Those of you who only know Don't You Forget About Me from Breakfast Club, well, they had a lot more songs that just that one. You missed out.

Ooh! Now a deep cut from Live. They may be a bit goofy, but I maintain that Throwing Copper is a classic album.

Why am I whiling away in a world of whimsy? Well I'm trying to escape when I can.

It looks like my father is winding down. Poor man has bounced back and forth six times between the hospital and a nursing home over the last month and a half. He's in the end stages of Alzheimer's disease and has had a rapid decline recently. He's nearly unable to swallow now, and it's really not practical, helpful or advisable to give him a feeding tube. There won't be any miracles here. He's under palliative care, and he's comfortable. That's all that can be done for him now.

My mother is a mess, but trying to be strong. That's another topic for another day. She's done a heroic job caring for Dad at home over the last many years.

For now, I'm being supportive from afar, trying to decide on a daily basis when I need to get back up there to NY, and distracting myself as best as I can.

Which reminds me, for the first time I'm completely consumed with American Idol. So who are you pulling for? I like Chikeze Eze. Not just because of his name, but mostly because of it.

Confused by the Baseball Schedule

I was keyed in on the Mets opener vs. the Marlins on the 31st, because I was completely unprepared to see this article about the Red Sox winning their opening game against the A's. Since when do we start the season this early? Then I looked at the rest of the league and they are all still in Florida or Arizona playing spring training games. I guess they were just allowing for the travel time after a two game series in Tokyo.

I think the Mets are looking good this year. They shored up their pitching with Santana. I am a wee bit worried about the bullpen, specifically Billy Wagner. He ain't no young thing anymore. They also need Carlos Delgado to stay healthy and have a better season.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tiger Woods, Y'all

I know, Tiger Woods is one of the most amazing, successful, impressive athletes in the world, but whenever he's on the course, unless he's on the 18th hole and about to win another million, doesn't he have a pained look like he's pinching peach seeds or something? Poor guy always looks like he's completely tortured! I guess that is the sign of a fierce competitor, but good golly, enjoy it already!

Happy B'day, Lee D

Just for you, Lee, I had to emerge from my self-imposed exile to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope you're having a good one!

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Long Winter

March 13, 2008 - 75 degrees in southwest Virginia. Spring is still a week away, but this is our first big tease. We had a couple days in the 60s, but they didn't have that smell, that enveloping warmth that tells you it's time to start tending to the yard.

Coming home from work today, I saw sprinklers going, teenagers in shorts hanging out by the firehouse. I heard a lawn mower. The birds sound like they've been here and ready for a week, although I hadn't really noticed them until today.

We had almost no snow this winter, but still winter went on and on and on and on. Cold didn't want to let loose. Maybe it's just the way the end of my winter has gone, but dang, it sure seemed like it would never go away.

The weekend will be cooler and a bit rainy, but Spring is here. Thank you, thank you! Spring is here!

. . . well, that was yesterday. Blogger had some sort of outage, so I didn't get around to posting that, so now, Friday, 6:30 PM, it's cloudy and getting chilly. Rainy weekend in store, but I think we might squeeze in tomorrow's St. Patrick's parade. Let's hope.

More to come. I guess it's time to get back in the game or give it up, one or the other.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Down With The Sickness

So things are day to day, minute to minute with my father right now. I've been pretty much consumed between that and work lately, and then to top it off I've got some kind of ague. Came home early yesterday because the aches and the chills and the cough had me laid low. I dosed up and slept pretty well last night, and I feel better today, but every once in a while I break out in a chilly sweat.

I'm guessing my coworkers wished I had stayed home today.