Saturday, February 28, 2009

In Case You Need An Extra Push

In case you are right on the verge of slitting your wrists and need that extra incentive, take a trip out to Circuit City.

Dear god it's depressing. I guess I should have expected it. It's been over a month since they announced they are going belly up. I took the boy out there to see if there might be any Wii games for cheepy-cheep.

No, no games left, except about 200 copies of a PC poker game. There seem to be a lot of display model TVs left, but otherwise it's just mismatched mess of speakers, cameras, and bad CDs and DVDs. The best you might find would be something like Glen Campbell or Loverboy. They are literally breaking the shelves down and moving the remaining product to the front of the store as people shop. There is police tape blocking off the empty areas. Dreadful.

There were four or five depressed looking workers wandering around. They still have a "customer service" counter, but I'm not sure why. Some schmuck was there complaining that he couldn't return a defective subwoofer there that he bought online. The lady at the counter was like, "Sorry, chump. All sales are final, even online. Caveat emptor, dumbass."

On the way home, TB asked, "Daddy? What are they going to put in the Circuit City after it closes down?"

I wish I knew, kiddo. I'm afraid places like that will probably sit empty for a long, long time.

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