Monday, February 9, 2009

Ten For Ten

TB had a swim meet over the weekend and had a clean sweep. Ten events, ten wins. He improved on his best times in several events, most notably the 100 IM, in which he dropped nine seconds. It helped that two of his best buddies were at the end of the pool cheering him on.

I hope he wants to keep it up, because the boy's got talent. He seems to have turned the corner toward understanding the need for practice. Of course they all complain about practice, but it obviously helps.

Two more meets this season. District Championships in two weeks, and then another in Charleston WV in March. We are getting fussed at by the coach because the first day of the District meet conflicts with the Pinewood Derby for TB's cub pack. We gave him the choice and he chose the Pinewood Derby. That's fine. There will be many years of swim meets, but the Derby is just once a year and he took great pride in designing and building his car (an army truck, sort of).

He still gets to swim half the meet anyway, and the coach dangled the idea of entering him in the 12-and-under 500 freestyle. Yipe! 20 lengths of the pool. Not sure if that will happen, but TB did watch the 500 intently this past weekend. Maybe he was working out his race strategy in his head.

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CountryDew said...

I hope he continues.