Friday, February 27, 2009

Maintenance, Long Overdue

Three weeks after my last post I find that I have fallen asleep at the wheel. This site needs attention.

First, I had a Bush's Last Day countdown that expired over a month ago.

Then, after wondering for months why my blog takes too long to load, I realized that I still had that music player up on the right column. That was pure self-indulgent fun, well over a year ago, and I loaded it with many too many songs. And then rarely listed to it. Worthless!

It is gone now.

It's decision time. I want to either: a) revitalize this site, b) pack it in and forget it, c) leap in with the minions on Facebook, or d) some combination.

Clearly, I've been on the path to option "b" for quite some time.


Knickersdc said...

Glad to see you back...but you should now drink the Facebook Kool-Aid

Lisa said...

We minions actually refer to it as "FaceCrack".... :)

Chris Berry said...

Anything but Facebook. The local blog scene is already pretty meager, and we can't afford to lose a good one.

Katie said...

A Facebook addict myself, I find it doesn't replace my need to blog. Maybe I just have too many important things to say to be limited by Facebook. Hahahahahaha!